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Book of Robert

The Book of Robert

by Doc & Caroline Togden


Composed and illustrated by Robert&rsuo;s family and closest friends – this is a personal book. We are all unique – but those who counted Robert as a friend agree that he deserved the description more than most: in distinct and different ways. His personality contained delightful and surprising contradictions: he took life seriously and humorously &ndash affectionately and satirically. Those who knew him were proud to call him their friend – and it is hoped that this book, limited as it is, will serve as a reminder of a hero, biker, artist, musician, wit, kind-hearted practical joker, and committed Buddhist whose name was Düd’dül Dorje. What would he have achieved had he lived a fill life-span? All that can be said is that he would have been a valued friend, an association to cherish, and a person to respect and admire.


Format: hardback, ISBN: 978-1-898185-30-7, Published: 2014-07-10 :
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