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Ögyen Chenrézigs yab-yum

Ögyen Chenrézigs yab-yum

Ögyen Chenrézigs Yab-yum (o rGyan sPyan ras gZigs nak po yab yum) is a form of Padmasambhava and Yeshé Tsogyel in union manifesting as the yidam of compassion. They each hold a conch. They hold crystal teng’ars in their right hands, and green lotuses bearing crystal tsé-gu dorjes. He is black and wears emerald-green robes. A raven flies above his head. She is black with flame-coloured hair. She wears lapis lazuli ornaments and sings with a voice like a shang.

Please see the thangkas on Aro Encyclopaedia for a fuller explanation of the meaning of each image.

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