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Ga-phong Dongma

Ga-phong Dongma

Ga-phong Dongma (sGa phong gDong ma), also known as khandro ga ’chi dongcan (mKha’ ’gro rGa ’chi dang ’chi ba gDong can), is the bat-headed dakini who has dominion over the physical sickness caused by mental aberration. The practice of Ga-phong Dongma is connected with rituals of exorcism (chir-log — phyir zLog) which employ mudra and dance. The imagery of the bat is extended to costume and to various ritual implements including the use of a ko-tum (sGa phong ko ’thum) of bat leather which is whirled above the head during recitation. Ngakpa Yeshé Dorje Rinpoche employed the ko-tum when curing people of illness, and was well known as a travelling weather-maker who specialised in rites of exorcism (gTo ’bol ba).

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